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Are You One Hire Away From Xceleration?

Are You One Hire Away From Xceleration?

By: Ross Paterson

Saturday night, our very own Fanni Gambero won the Rookie of the Year honors at the 2020 DFW Admin Awards Ceremony. As her teammates, consultants, and our XtraMiler clients already knew, she is a winner.


Over the past 10 years, XM Performance has radically evolved in our approach to guiding small and medium businesses to accelerated performance. We used to make recommendations, now we are much more direct in providing proven solutions for immediate implementation.


Whether you are an independent real estate agent, or the CEO of an 8-figure company, your leadership attention, focus, and time are the most critical resources to performance acceleration. If you spend even 8 hours a week on repetitive administrative process work for your business, you should quickly add a part-time resource to ensure continued momentum.


Simple math—8 hours X 52 weeks = 416 hours. 416 hours/40 hours per week = 10 weeks of work per year not spent on critical growth tasks for your business. Ever wonder why you are behind the competition? The reality for most owners/entrepreneurs, without this critical teammate, we spend nights and weekends trying to keep up with the administrative support work for our businesses. Missing out on family time, creating more fog, and more exhaustion.


The role of the owner/entrepreneur is incredibly complex and dynamic as the business grows. This demands a teammate who can do much more than basic administrative tasks. Fanni is our Small Business Xcelerator (SBX). She has operated at several SBX levels in her three years as an #XtraMiler. Tune in next week and we will share some of our secrets to hiring, managing, and developing your own Small Business Xcelerator.


If you already have an outstanding administrative professional on your team, this is how you can nominate them for next year’s Admin Awards.