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Are you Frustrated Frank?

Are you Frustrated Frank?

By: Ross Paterson

“I don’t even know what they are doing.” Frustrated Frank, Business Owner

This might have been said by a client who assigned several employees that are ‘high risk’ for COVID-19 to work at home.

XM Truth: Delegation without accountability is abdication.

In spite of the pandemic, small business teams have to run, execute profitably, and learn new tricks for getting things done in new ways. Accountability has such a negative connotation in the modern world. Quite simply it is a progress conversation about work we agreed to do.

The establishment of rhythms and routines is one of the three most important leadership tasks for Business Owners/CEOs. Not managing everything day to day, but setting expectations, process, reporting, meeting routines that ensure work is moving forward profitably.  Our data shows strong rhythms and routines make accountability part of the conversation/process, not something else that has to be done on the side.

The problem in Q2 of 2020 is everything has been disrupted. In a crisis, leaders who can create structure, will help employees stay engaged.  Here are a few ‘rhythm and routine’ ideas to keep the team engaged and to keep work moving forward in the new normal.

  1. Technology is your friend. Video calls are my new favorite. I would prefer having our team together in the office, but this is the next best thing.  We also love the web based program called MeisterTask to track work and progress on key projects and client engagements.
  2. Have a daily huddle. This can be as simple as, what did you get done yesterday? what is in your cue today? A great time for leaders and teams to make quick decisions about priorities and align resources accordingly.
  3. Check in with your people 1-1. I prefer to do this on Video Chat.  Seeing faces provides 10x more connection.  Start with empathy. How are you and your family doing? Ask about high priority work.  What else do you need from me?


We’ve also created boot camp to help you tackle some of the most common challenges that come with leading a remote workforce. Contact us to learn more about the next session!