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And The Winner Is…

And The Winner Is…

By: Ross Paterson

“I hope this isn’t a big waste of my time, Ross. I have a lot to get done.”

Luke (not his real name), Manufacturing Production Manager

This was a client response when asked what he hoped to get out of the six-monthly sessions of our front line leaders’ training.


We have all had horrible training experiences. My time in the Army gave me some of the best training experiences I have ever had, but also the absolute worst. The four-hour barrage of PowerPoint slides for ‘mandatory’ training was pure torture.


Early in the process of building XM Performance, we found that our gifted, charismatic, entrepreneurial clients would stagnate when they couldn’t reproduce leaders on their teams. We took all of the best leadership training we had from the military, corporate, and non-profit sectors and created our first version of Managers to Leaders. Six short sessions spread out over six months. Small groups from different businesses working on real problems, one bite at a time. Insight-Inspiration-Implementation.


XM Truth: Leadership development is a process, not a class.


Luke became an extremely effective leader. Three years later he went through our 10-month Leadership Xcelerator Forum for executives, VP’s, and general managers. He is now the COO of our client’s fast-growing manufacturing company in Fort Worth. He did the work, we helped him get to the Xtra Mile.


Like one of my leadership mentors used to say… Everyone wins when a leader gets better.


Our next Managers to Leaders and Leadership Xcelerator Forum courses will begin in July.

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