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An Operating Guide For Humans

Effortlessly Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate

An Operating Guide For Humans

By: Ross Paterson

Do you remember when eBay was the hottest marketplace in the country in the 2000’s? Every seller and buyer had a community rating. Knowing who we were dealing with made us more confident with the transaction.

What if there was a simple tool for knowing the humans on your SMB team? What if you could access a 1-page user’s guide for your team, your boss, or your spouse?

The Human Resource Industry has created hundreds of versions of personality/strength/style assessments. Each has its own merits, and fanatical tribes who are frequently guilty of overuse and over-application of their favorites. Companies tend to underutilize these resources because the complex reports are hard to decipher.

Our XM Performance team is engaged with teams of five to teams of thousands. Our decades of experience have taught us that the best tools are the ones the teams effortlessly use to accelerate connection, communication, collaboration, and the delivery of results that matter.

Our hands-down favorite is the TTi DiSC and Twelve Driving Forces. This is why. On the surface, we easily discover differences in communication styles. If we can make small adjustments based on these truths, the teams will immediately perform better. Invest a little more time to go deeper with individuals and teams and the real power of these tools can be leveraged. What would happen if you worked with someone for 2 hours and you knew exactly:

  1. Their preferred methods of communication (Do’s and Don’ts)
  2. What they need most from their manager/leader
  3. The ideal environment that inspires their highest levels of engagement
  4. The strengths they bring to the organization
  5. Their deepest sources of motivation

Instead of working through a trial-and-error process over twelve months to identify and inspire your teammates’ full potential, you can know 90% of the equation in the first week.

What difference would that make in your team’s performance?

Check out these downloads of Ross and Fanni’s one-page user’s guides.

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