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All You Talk About Is People    

All You Talk About Is People    

By: Ross Paterson

One of my best friends from college was interested in our business model at XM Performance.  I invited him to come to North Texas for 2 days and meet our business owner/entrepreneur clients and prospects in several different environments.  His surprised conclusion, “All you guys talk about is people.”  Yep.

From personal experience and a decade of working in the small-medium business market, it’s overwhelmingly the people issues that get us stressed out and even bummed out.  As trouble emerges in a team, inexperience and neglect compound the issue.

XM TRUTH:  The complex communications skills that unlock human potential and drive organizational performance will take a lifetime to master.

Today’s blog is a sincere endorsement of Kim Scott’s book Radical Candor.  With short, candid, and self-deprecating stories from her career in Silicon Valley, she sums up masterfully many of the lessons we teach at XM Performance.  Her ability to cut through the fog of team communication and deliver simple ideas for immediate implementation will help you significantly.  Read this book.  And, if your are struggling with your team, we can help.