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Accidental Isolation

Accidental Isolation

By: Ross Paterson

North Texas is in a boom.  Real Estate is up significantly; large corporations are moving their headquarters here, commercial construction everywhere.  Business owners, is your business booming too?  If not, what are the obstacles holding you back?

If we had known the real pain of ownership when we took our leap of faith, we may have chosen differently.  Fear, doubt, frustration with employees, sleepless nights…what happened to the dream?  It looked so easy from the stands.

XM Truth:  What we don’t know can absolutely kill our business.

For almost 10 years now we have been helping Business Owners and Entrepreneurs create breakthroughs for their businesses.  Most BOEs suffer from what we call ACCIDENTAL ISOLATION.  ‘It’s lonely at the top’ turns out to be a reality.  Who can you talk to when you are up against new and challenging obstacles, out of ideas, and frustrated with your team’s engagement?

Clients who participate in our Leadership Forums get experts from the XM Performance team to help fix the Accidental Isolation issue.  They also get shared ideas, camaraderie, and powerful relationships with other owners who fight the same battles, frustrations and fears.  Check out the details here.

New groups are forming now to make the most of the 2nd half of 2016.  Isn’t it time to invest in you?