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A Two-Part Xceleration Prescription

How to break your first $1mm or $300mm year

A Two-Part Xceleration Prescription

By: Ross Paterson

We have clients that are leading their business through their first $1.0mm year.  We also have clients that are leading their businesses through their first $300mm year. The most critical resource for each breakthrough is the owner/leader’s time and attention. Our two-part prescription for these business owners is fundamentally the same.

But first, a question for the owners: In January, how much time did you spend on each of these three critical leadership tasks (The XtraMile Big 3)?

  • Long-term Strategy and Planning
  • People: Hire, Coach, Develop, Train
  • Building Rhythms and Routines that run without you

If you don’t have time to work on these, your next breakthrough is farther away than you imagine. Here is the prescription to move more of your time and attention to the Big 3.

  1. Invest in your leaders: When your leaders can get more done through their teams with you, you get time and attention to invest in future potential.  Train them. Coach them. Give them weekly feedback and guide them towards the next level of performance.
  2. Hire a Small Biz Xcelerator (SBX): One part executive administrator, one part bookkeeper, one part sales facilitation. We have helped our clients fill this role a dozen different ways. The result is always the same, “I should have done this a long time ago.”  Bottom line, with the right person in the SBX role, the owner can double or triple their leadership time and attention on the Big 3.

Excusitis sounds like this, “We can’t afford to do this.”

XtraMilers sound like this, “We can’t afford not to!!”

We have helped several of our clients successfully navigate through the daunting and time-consuming task of recruiting and hiring.

Contact us if you feel it’s high time to hire but don’t know where to start.