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A Story I Tell Myself

A Story I Tell Myself

By: Ross Paterson

“More important than reason in shaping our habits are the stories we tell ourselves and one another.  And I told a forgiving story about myself to myself.”  Jonathan Safran Froer

REALITY DISTORTION.  The first of three devastating diseases that stymie small business performance.  As a business owner, I frequently tell forgiving stories about myself to myself.  It might go something like this…

‘Ross, you worked really hard this week (on mostly the wrong kind of work), no one works harder than you (especially on the wrong stuff), take off early Friday, go ride your bike (it’s for America).  That really, really hard thing (that you should have done on Monday, that only you can do) can wait until next week.’

Ever had a conversation like that with yourself, or am I the only one?

Seriously though, take some time off, enjoy the blessing of freedom this weekend.  And, when you come back, give your REALITY DISTORTION a week off.  Take a truthful look at your first half results (perhaps with someone who won’t listen to your stories).  Reshape your vision for the 2nd half of 2017; get you and your team focused on turning in Xtra Mile results.

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