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A Simple Equation for Change

A Simple Equation for Change

By: Ross Paterson

If you want to test your real Leadership Influence in an organization, lead that group through significant change.

Shortly after I left my military career, I was trained by some of GE’s top behavioral organization scientists. The course was called CAP Coaches Training (Change Acceleration Program). This is the equation that wrecked my command and control military mindset.

Q X A = E

Quality x Acceptance = Effectiveness

The basic idea is that even if you have the most revolutionary idea – project – product – process ever (Q), if your team has zero acceptance (A), your results are doomed. Most rookie leaders and managers spend all their time on the Q and no time on the A.

Acceptance is built on respect, trust, relationship capital, input, communication, and shared need. Work on this side of the equation with the same effort as the Q side and I guarantee you will accelerate the pace of change.

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