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A Prescription to Calm the Chaos

A Prescription to Calm the Chaos

By: Ross Paterson

I am working from Phoenix for our final trip of 2021 and remembering how hopeful we felt at the beginning of this year as we put 2020 behind us. However, for XM Performance and most of our clients and collaborators, 2021 was a continuation of challenging and chaotic times. Our intense desire for ‘normal’ was met with pandemic waves, radical supply chain disruptions, inflation, and an unstable workforce.


Here is a quick prescription to help calm the chaos:


Connection Calms Chaos:  Every business is made up of humans who hunger for connection. Leaders, you must connect relationally with these souls, more than you ever have in the past. And keep them connected to your ‘Infinite Game’ (Simon Sinek’s language) or the higher purpose of your business.  Connection is an antidote to chaos.


Celebrate Progress: Little wins matter. Everyone who made it through to December is an overcomer. Tell the stories of victories over the formidable obstacles that have challenged your team. A record of wins diminishes the power of chaos.


Rest and Recover: Our minds, bodies, and souls were created to need rest in regular intervals. Our families need us to connect with them for end-of-year traditions. Take a step back, challenge yourself to unplug for at least 4 days straight. A quiet mind, rested body, and refreshed soul strengthen our ability to overcome chaos.

Don’t cover your scars, they give us confidence in our ability to overcome.

A big thanks to all the #XtraMilers we got to serve in 2021.