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A Bigger Table or Another Table

How do you have a dinner conversation across 5 states

A Bigger Table or Another Table

By: Ross Paterson

The topic of dinner tables was causing a buzz in our Advanced Leadership Forum last week. A dozen business owners gathered to help one of their peers solve a growth and turnover dilemma.


The analogy this seasoned entrepreneur used to explain his dilemma was: once you get more than 12 people at a table, it is impossible to have just one conversation. As soon as you set up a new table in another room, the disconnects multiply (the reality of this company’s situation is a fast-growing team of 16 that operates fully remote from 5 different states).


Where is the easy button? We wish there was one. We can give you a few extensions on your leadership lever that will help you get more work done with less effort.


Lever 1: A Plan in Writing. Check out next week’s blogs for details.

Lever 2: A Playbook. In most businesses, 25-80% of the work is easily reproducible. Many of our clients have simple playbooks with basic checklists, process flows, and handoffs. Don’t necessarily start and build from beginning to end. Start by gaining leverage in your most reproducible/repeatable work, or where you currently have bottlenecks.

Lever 3: Leaders Who Can Do Two Things.

  1. Take great care of the humans in their charge (teammates, internal/external customers, and suppliers).
  2. Deliver results that matter (manage time/attention, delegate work, coach for accountability).


Double the time you’re available to strategically lead your business to the next level by stacking these three levers. You are closer to your next breakthrough than you imagine, let us help.

One of the best things we can do for SMB owners is to get them in a room with 10-12 other entrepreneurs and process the challenges of ownership together. Learn more on September 8th at our free orientation session.