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A Banjo On My Knee

A Banjo On My Knee

By: Ross Paterson

Whenever we want to learn a new skill, playing the banjo, for instance, we understand that upfront we are going to have to learn from others and invest time and money in lessons. Maybe someone who has a certain level of mastery, experience teaching, and a structure for guiding us from beginner to novice. Banjo, archery, scuba diving, foreign languages, cooking, dancing, snowboarding area all the same. YouTube is our first step in 2020, then maybe a more serious search for a professional.


In the business world, we spend time training employees. Some employees will make a personal investment in an MBA degree, others work through programs for professional certifications. The return on investment (ROI) is we become more valuable to our employers, advance our careers, and increase our financial rewards.


The worst assumption you can make as you jump into the role of a business owner is that any amount of time (1 year, 10 years, 20 years) working a job in the industry has prepared you for the complexity of ownership. The first year can be humbling (best case) and sometimes devastating. We get overwhelmed by all the things we didn’t know, and battle with doubt on a daily basis. Can I make it? Is it still worth it? Maybe I should go get a job.


XM Performance has spent more than a decade working with 20-30 small and medium businesses a year. Our consultants will help you shorten learning curves, identify priorities, and guide you to the breakthrough performances that lured you into business ownership in the first place. At almost any price point, we can help you with insight, inspiration, and implementation to get to the next level. We are so confident that we can deliver results, we offer a money-back guarantee.


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