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$89 Billion

$89 Billion

By: Ross Paterson

I am listening to the book Amazon: The Everything Store, by Brad Stone. Fascinating! Like successful businesses of all sizes, Jeff Bezos started out with a few cornerstone values that were going to set Amazon apart from the crowd.

1. Genuinely committed to the customer.

2. Genuinely committed to the long term.

3. Genuinely committed to be inventors, not followers.

With $89 Billion of revenue in 2014, I would say that Bezos and his team have delivered. Is there anyone who hasn’t ordered from Amazon?

What are your “Genuine Commitments” for your business and market? Will they set you apart from the competition? Are you building these “Genuine Commitments” into a culture that transcends you as the owner and entrepreneur?

A critical early step in the journey to Xtra Mile Performance. Let us know if we can help you flesh this out for your business and your team.