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78 Days

78 Days

By: Ross Paterson

We have 78 days left until Thanksgiving Day; 116 days left in the year. The time between Labor Day and Thanksgiving must be a time of focused impact for the SMB owner. This is how we guide our top clients through this high-leverage window of opportunity.


  1. Create Strategic Focus for 2022+: Set time aside early in Q4 to capture lessons learned and plan for the future. Measure your progress, evaluate changes and trends in your market, and co-create a business plan with the key contributors on your team.
  2. Finish 2021 Strong: Use the work from #1 to focus your team’s time and attention on the critical tasks that will help you finish the year financially strong, AND simultaneously set your business up for a fast start in 2022.
  3. Unlock Human Potential: Have a team-building and communication session, intentionally coach your leaders in weekly 1-1 sessions with a good book, get the technical training for teammates that need to level up, and take work from you.


“You can train your people and worry about them leaving, or you can ‘not train’ them and worry about them staying,” Zig Ziglar.


Owners seem to be waiting for the ‘right people’ to show up at their business. Teammates seem to be waiting for the business owners to create clarity and lead the action. The paradox of small business performance. Perhaps it is a little of both.


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