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How to get Unstuck

How to get Unstuck

By: Ross Paterson

“But the longer we live with a problem, the less likely we are to think we can do anything about it.  People fresh to a problem haven’t convinced themselves that they can’t solve it.”  Liz Wiseman, Rookie Smarts

I have been working with leaders and businessmen in Afghanistan this week.  Helping to build human and economic potential in one of my favorite cities.  I get to be “The Rookie” when we talk about some of Afghanistan’s institutional problems.  Asking rookie questions, challenging mindsets, inspiring action, helping uncover potential first steps.

Fresh perspective is critical to solving your organization’s biggest challenges, too.  Hire a millennial, a retired contractor, join a mastermind group, or engage a reputable consultant.  Their fresh eyes and curious questions could create a needed breakthrough.  What have you got to lose?

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