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3 Tips for Xceleration in a Hot Economy

3 Tips for Xceleration in a Hot Economy

By: Ross Paterson

A little truth business owners need to consider: If your business can’t find profitable growth in today’s strong economy, something is wrong with the business.  Take these three steps to create momentum.

Get Focused:  Put your goals and plans in writing.  Be disciplined about planning out your time and attention every week.  Many times, our clients are waiting for the mythical event called the ‘normal week’ to take action on strategic priorities.  Chances are your last three weeks were more normal than you would like to admit.

Get Revenue:  Either you are grabbing growth in the marketplace today or your competitors are getting it.  Invest time and attention in your marketing and sales processes.  Know what your best clients/customers look like, how you got them, and go get more of them.

Get Help:  I know, I know, you don’t have TIME. The biggest Xcelerator for growth is getting the smallest things off your to do list.  Hire a part time administrator/assistant, delegate the $10 tasks and other repetitive work, even if it is just 8-10 hours per week.  Think about the progress you could make if you gave yourself 40 hours (a whole week of time) every month to focus on strategically moving your business forward.

You can’t afford not to.