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By: Ross Paterson

March, June, September, December. As each of these months end, we get to have insightful conversations with our clients about quarterly results. There is a certain perfection to this rhythm:

  • 90 days of focused ‘heads down’ action on clearly defined priorities
  • A brief (2-4 hour) heads up evaluation of progress, pitfalls, changes in the market
  • A resetting of priorities, assignments, deliverables
  • Repeat


XM Performance is coming off a record Q1. Even with an ‘operational pause’ with one of our biggest clients, we have delivered more breakthroughs, solutions, and stress relief than ever. Let me share with you the three main differences between our clients that are creating breakthroughs and the rest of the crowd.

  1. Unrelenting focus on Revenue Growth. Marketing and Sales are processes just like everything operational. Who on your team is coming to work today on a quest to get your next 10 customers? Do you have a repeatable, predictable process for getting great prospects into your funnel? Businesses that are not making progress don’t have good answers to these questions.
  2. Breakthrough results come from leaders with clarity. Our clients who master the discipline of putting a quarterly plan in writing (Priority objectives, Measurable Assignments, Tough Decisions to be made) always make significant progress year over year.
  3. Accountability that works. Our fastest growing Small-Medium Business Owner clients know how to get work done through others. Their teams have clarity about roles and responsibilities, the owner gives timely and effective feedback, and they create weekly rhythms and routines that keep people focused on results.


Want your Q2 to be better than Q1? Download this free quarterly planning tool. Set aside 2 hours next week with your key players. Flesh out your top priorities for the next 90 days, put them in writing, then EXECUTE, EXECUTE, EXECUTE. Let us know if we can help.