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2 Ways to Unlock Your Team’s Potential

2 Ways to Unlock Your Team’s Potential

By: Ross Paterson

Maximizing business growth is one part marketing and sales, and one part building a bigger, stronger team (which incidentally requires more marketing and sales).  The business owner/leader’s highest leverage for performance improvement comes from developing and empowering effective leaders.

The Good Strategy:  If nothing else is in your financial and time budget, grab your top performers and start a monthly book club.  Assign weekly reading and take 30 minutes over a brown bag lunch to discuss insights and application. Click here for our reading recommendations for you and your team.

XM Truth:  Leaders are Readers

The Best Strategy: Invest in leadership training and coaching for your current and emerging leaders. Buyer beware; don’t look for the $99 leadership class.  Leadership development is not a class, leadership development is a process.  Our clients in small and large businesses, non-profits, and school systems have radically accelerated the performance of their teams by investing in their leaders. Check out our program details here.

Want to increase performance and reduce stress in 2018?  Unlock and unleash your leaders’ full potential.