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100 Days

100 Days

By: Ross Paterson

College campuses are powering back up, my social media feed is full of ‘first day of school’ pictures and stories. Something about beginnings that fill us with hope, positivity, opportunity.

In the business world the start of school also means the end of summer vacations, partial teams, covering for coworkers. Right now we have 100 days until we hit Thanksgiving week. This window represents one of the most productive times for SMB teams. Two big ideas I want to help you focus on for the 100-day window.

#1 Finish 2019 Strong.  What one thing will help your business finish 2019 strong?

In the hot economy in Texas, growth is leading to indigestion; too many clients, not enough employees.  Most are observing the problem and complaining about how hard it is.  The ‘XtraMilers’ are reallocating leadership bandwidth and resources to the challenge and continuing to grow their teams.  Your one thing may be marketing, or sales, or finishing a new product. Work on that first every day for 100 days.

#2 Prepare for 2020.  It is the leader’s job to create, articulate, own and drive strategic vision.

Set aside 1-2 days in the fourth quarter to get away with your key leaders and create the plan for 2020.  Clarity precedes results, leaders create clarity.

We see a big gap between what business owners know and say they care about, and what they actually spend their valuable time doing.  Focus on these two big ideas; close the gap, create the breakthrough.