You Can’t Afford Not To

You Can’t Afford Not To

By: Ross Paterson

When working with business owners and entrepreneurs, one of the first problems we have to help them solve is CAPACITY.  They are working long AND hard, which takes a toll over time: stress, lack of focus, frustration, neglect of family and personal health.  Many times they are spending 8-20 hours per week on administrative tasks. The simple solution? Hire part time help and delegate.  You Can’t Afford Not To.


Yesterday I worked with two husband and wife teams.  An added level of complexity, adding home maintenance, chores, kids, family activities into the mix of the CAPACITY issue.  The solution is the same; find some part time help.  Try to get the simple chores of deep cleaning and home maintenance off your list, then progress to help with car maintenance, laundry, grocery shopping and meal planning.  Save the time you have to be totally engaged with your family, with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.  You Can’t Afford Not To.

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